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I'm Wendolyn Vermeer, a Metadata Librarian with over 16 years of Academic Library experience.

I am passionate about connecting people with information in an accurate, equitable, and ethical manner.

My path through field of information science began when I realized that librarians empower individuals. It was a simple, but striking, revelation: librarians help people find information; I like to help people find information; hey, I should become a librarian! I've found that there are numerous ways to help people navigate the myriad currents of the global knowledge pool, and one of the most challenging, and rewarding, methods I have traversed is the realm of metadata -- a love note to the future, indeed.

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What I Do

I have a passion (some might say compulsion) for making information more discoverable
and usable, connecting the user with the right information at the right time.


Collection Development

Policy, allocation, projections, and selection in a team environment.


Metadata and Cataloging

RDA, AACRII, and CONSER; copy cataloging and batch processing.



Vendor selection, ordering, invoicing, receiving, and claiming.



Collections and usage; COUNTER, IPEDS, ACRL, CSU, and more.


Electronic Resource Management

Licensing, activation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, including ERM, OpenURL, and Discovery Layers.


Assist users with their information needs in a plethora of modes, including chat and LibGuides.

Information Literacy Instruction

Pedagogy and practice in credit-bearing courses and one-shot course-integrated instruction.

Scholarly Communication

Open Access, Open Educational Resources, copyright and intellectual property, and ethics.


As an information professional and a librarian, I am committed to contributing to the worldwide pool of knowledge.
Here is a selection of my scholarship and service.

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